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Silent Scene

By | August 2, 2010

A Silent scene is an open scene without spoken language. Players are encouraged to explore emotions and communication through body language, facial expression, and mime objects. Like any open scene a silent scene is strongest when grounded in reality. The leader should encourage players to not use overt gestures or hand signals to replace the spoken word. It is not a charades scene it is a Silent Scene. Sound effects, sighs, groans or tears should not short cut silent communication.


By | August 2, 2010

Each of the players should copy each other’s movements as if they were a mirror of each other. If one player moves the other player will copy that move and vice versa. Initially the leader will select one the two players to start moving, and switch between the two mirrored players. Eventually the players will be independently moving and being mirrored. In an ideal situation no one should be able to tell that either player is leading.