Welcome to the latest incarnation of the oldest repository of improvisational comedy structures on the internet.

What is this web site about?

This simple site is devoted to learning improvisational comedy. One cannot learn improvisational comedy from a web page, however the list of improv structures included here will definitely help. Hundreds of improv groups link to the site. Most come here to learn about handles and garner teaching tips. Hence Learn Improv. Enjoy

Is this site free?

The website is free to use. No sign up is required. No tracking info is collected. If you want to use the content please follow the license.

How old is Learn Improv?

Learn Improv hit the intertubes in 1994 as a collection of static HTML pages on the Hamilton Wentworth Freenet. It now lives on a server in the cloud that uses a relational database.

You guys didn’t invent that game, I did!

Thanks for the info. We here at learnimprov.com and staircase improv have actually invented quite a few improv structures and show formats. If you can offer historical credit to structures listed here please help us out.

Can I get a download of the entire site?

Sorry I can’t do that just yet. The folks at Improv Encyclopedia have a great site that can be downloaded. I don’t have the time. I still love you, I just don’t have the time.

Where are the online classes?

There are no online classes. Improv comedy is a social enterprise. The site has tips about to form a group and start learning. If you are in a country where forming groups is not allowed contact me by email and I will see what I can do.

Where are the offline classes?

If you are near Hamilton Canada and would like to take some improv classes based on the Learn Improv style our teachers are standing by. Head to Staircase Improv for real classes with unreal people.

You should monetize Learn Improv!

Learn Improv is a labour of love. Everyone working on it is a volunteer. Any funds that come our way simply offset the expense of hosting such a site.

Who created this site?

I did.

Who are you?

I am a tall white guy that moved from Vancouver BC to to Hamilton Canada chasing work. In Hamilton I added teaching to my repertoire. Only knowing what I was taught I employed “hair turning notes of death,” and piously destroyed an improv troupe. I decided to temper my teaching style and began working with a lovely group of social improvisers known as Theatre on the Edge.

Next I built a theatre designed for improvisational comedy, The Staircase. The Staircase theatre was purposefully built small (67 seats) with the audience elevated above the players. Other than that it was a black box.

Where did you train?

My initial training was with the Vancouver Theatresports League when it was located at the Back Alley Theatre. I earned my stage chops in the theatrical bloodbath known as The Rookie League. The Rookie League consisted of weekly shows with hair turning notes of death.

Who trained you?

We are most influenced by our initial teachers. I am no different. I was introduced to improv by the likes of: David C. Jones, Ellie Harvie, Dean Haglund, Pearce Visser and Lyle Moon. I still hear their voices in my head. Yes I hear voices in my head. The main take away from their tutelage still rings true on this site.

Be someone you want to play with and put the audience first.

Who are the guinea pigs?

Everything described in Learn Improv has been tested in workshops on real students over the last 25 years plus of teaching. Thanks to the hundreds of improv students and performers that I have worked with. Thanks for saying yes, not wimping and not blocking. Their generous, and pointed, feedback has been invaluable in building Learn Improv.