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Please get into pairs that are roughly the same height.


Mirrors is both an exercise and a warm up.

Each of the players should copy each other’s movements as if they were a mirror of each other. If one player moves the other player will copy that move and vice versa. Initially the leader will select one the two players to start moving, and switch between the two mirrored players. Eventually the players will be independently moving and being mirrored. In an ideal situation no one should be able to tell that either player is leading.

The goal of this Mirrors is to support your mirrored player. There is a strong desire to put the other player at risk or try and mess them up. This is a good opportunity to encourage players to be supportive and focus on listening and subtly taking focus. It is also common for mirrored players to move fast. Remind them that the exercise is neither a race or chance to fool players.

There are many complications that the leader can add to this exercise. Task to mirrors to join into a four way mirror. Encourage the pairs of players to find a way to move towards each other but to maintain mirroring. The clump of four players should slowly conform into a four way mirror.

The leader can keep combining mirrors to create interesting patterns that appear as circles all moving ins synch. Once the groups have become circles the leader can task them with finding harmonics or any repetitive noise that goes with their group movement.


  • None.


  • Mirroring Scenes – A group of players mirror a ongoing scene.
  • Distorting Mirror – One of the pair intentionally distorts the movements like a carnival mirror.


Grecian Society for the Control of Medusae.