Silent Scene

By | August 2, 2010




Two or three volunteers to do an open scene.


A Silent scene is an open scene without spoken language. Players are encouraged to explore emotions and communication through body language, facial expression, and mime objects. Like any open scene a silent scene is strongest when grounded in reality. The leader should encourage players to not use overt gestures or hand signals to replace the spoken word. It is not a charades scene it is a Silent Scene. Sound effects, sighs, groans or tears should not short cut silent communication.

As an exercise the Silent Scene can be used to explore more detailed mime objects. For example, using a mime object to express emotional content. The can also pause the exercise to explore the character’s want. This is an excellent exercise to focus on the pithy aphorism less is more. Players suffering from offer suffocation or over talking can do well by a Silent Scene.


  • None.


  • No Laughs Scene.