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  • Fairy Tale-In A Minute


    Precis.  Movie in a Minute. Done in 60 Seconds.


    Could we please get a well known fairy tale or story that would be hard to tell in 60 seconds.


    This handle is pure gimmick. The performers must act out the chosen story in 60 second. Not less than 60 seconds, and not more than 60 seconds. This is pretty hard to do in itself, but most of the audience enjoyment comes from the performer rapidly trying to get through the narrative beats of a famous story. It is fair game to flavour the story in a certain way, modernizing an old fairy tale for example. The host can time the scene ending it with lights down at 60 seconds regardless of where they are in the story, or give a 15 second warning. It is recommended that the host check in with the performers to see if enough of them know the story to make it work.


    • Have the performers act out a operation manual for a simple device
    • Have the performers try and describe an enormous story that cannot be recapped in 60 seconds.


    • Movie in a Minute – Same as above but using a movie story.
    • Coles Notes – A 60 second version of an historical event or book.


    • Lethbridge Society of Speed Readers
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