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  • Line Gag-Epitaphs


    Famous Last Words.


    The performers will make a series of puns, and gags portraying the last words or epitaphs of anything you suggest.


    Line Gag is a structure that is both an exercise and a handle. This is the handle version of the structure called Epitaphs. For a detailed explanation of line gags see the exercise Line Gags

    For Epitaphs the host should can pick a famous person or noun for the performers to riff off of. Once this is established the performers will step out and vomit gag juice all over the audience with a series of snappy puns.

    If the offer was the epitaph or famous last words for a loaf of bread the performers could step forward with witty assitudes like: “I am sorry I was so crusty to you all.” Or “I am toast.”


    • None.


    • Competitive – any line gag where host conducts and the audience eliminates performers when they don’t like the question.
    • Birth Notice – Witty birth notices for a famous person or noun object.


    • None.
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