Show Forms

Previously referred to as medium form. The style is also called structuralist. These are structures that present a connected series of improv scenes within a script. This does not mean the show is scripted. One may argue that every improv set is a show form. The show form is neither a solitary game, nor single game that occupies the entire night. Many Show Forms are proprietary.

Examples of Show (Medium) Forms

  • Bar Prov
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Comedy Sportz
  • Commedia d’ell High School
  • Crime Scene Improvisation
  • Critical Hit Show
  • Doctor Psychobabble
  • Gorilla Theatre
  • Improv Against Humanity
  • Improv Survivor
  • Micetro
  • Murder Mystery Scripts
  • Santa Survivor
  • Star Trick The Musical
  • Story Skeletons
  • Theatresports
  • The Oh Show
  • Throne of Games
  • Tony and Tina’s Wedding