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  • Life In One Day


    Day In The Life, Life Story, This Is Your Life


    We would like a volunteer to give us a few stories that they can remember from the key points in their life. Commonly one from their childhood, adolescence, work, marriage, parenting, etc. (once this info is required move onto step two). Could someone visiting with our brave volunteer please describe her in one word.


    The set up of this long form is quite important. Many troupes use this long form for stags, does, anniversaries, or retirement events. Often most of this information will have been gleaned before the show, as the unsuspecting person will have been set up to have their life on stage. Choose your protagonist well. Explore their life with each scene. Be sure to use the main offer from each stage of their life. Colour each scene with the single word that can be used to describe the protagonist. Be careful not to make too much fun of them. Going over someone’s life in a humorous fashion is great, a cruel roast by strangers does not go over well. Like most good stories have the protagonist come out as the winner. The protagonist need not be in every scene. Her potential employers can talk about her before and after that key job interview scene. This long form allows for handles to be worked in throughout the story. For instance, the protagonist might be pushed into singing her love for her favourite kind of ice cream.


    Have the protagonist accidentally killed at birth and end the show.


    Documentary form the protagonist is being studied by erudite sociologists. The protagonist can be in the show, starring as herself, if handles and structures are used that protect her from cruel embarrassment and make her look good on stage.


    A Day In the Life – Beatles

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