Conducted Story-Back

Back Story Let's get four or five players in a line and create a story. This handle is identical to Conducted Story-Show, except that the conductor stands behind the players and touches them on the back instead of pointing at them. For the extra details of this exercise conducted … Continue reading

Walk By Numbers

Group Still. This is listening warm-up. Everyone find a spot in the room. In some ways this warm up is the opposite of group stop. The players stand like statues but keep an eye on each other. One players starts to mill around the room. Briskly moving in and out and around the … Continue reading

Backwards Scene

Synonyms Rewind Scene. Reverse Reverse. Introduction This story will be told backwards. Starting with the ending and ending with the beginning. This is a very hard scene to do. Description This is an open scene done backwards. This means that the first thing the audience will see is … Continue reading

Word At A Time

Synonyms Word At A Time Story. Introduction Please form a circle. Description Word At A Time is both an exercise, a handle and a structure that can be added to another structure. Here we discuss the exercise version of this structure. Each player contributes one word at a time … Continue reading

Silent Scene

Synonyms None Introduction Two or three volunteers to do an open scene. Description A Silent scene is an open scene without spoken language. Players are encouraged to explore emotions and communication through body language, facial expression, and mime objects. Like any open scene … Continue reading