Thank you for all the thank yous. Everyone needs positive reinforcement, so keep slathering on that praise. As of January 2019 there were 858 sites linking to learnimprov.com.

S. H. from Kalmar Sweden

Thanks for the Improve handle. I am an actor , teaching for the moment. I am an actor , teaching for the moment. I do a lot of imro with students not dedicated to theatre or impro and it is very intresting. It encourages me to have found your list…

J. S. from Hong Kong China

…most excited by your website…your warm up games are great, and you might be pleased to hear that they’re inspiring performers on the other side of the world.

J. J. from North Carolina

You have made my night! i teach theatre arts in a high school we have done 1 comedy improv show and are getting ready for a second one. this has given me some great ideas… this is so wonderful

B. N. from Durban South Africa

Thank you for a user friendly and inspiring site. I was faced with the “what the hell can we do next” sundrome and you site kick started the creative juices once again. keep up the good worik

S. H. from Karachi Pakistan says:

I am trying as hard as i can to start and improv group in Pakistan, so all i can say is: thank you, thank you, thank you. You are not only a credit to the art of theater, but also a invaluable asset to me. You have done more than you can imagine towards making people laugh in a place where their is usually not much to laugh about.

R. O. from DuPage County Jail

I teach an improv class for Male inmates at the DuPage County Jail. Nonetheless, I use your list every week as a brainstorming tool. Thanks much for these lists and if you’re ever arrested by DuPage County Sheriff’s Police in Illinois put in a request slip for “Creative Dramatization”

B. P. from Mumbai, India

I am a budding playwright. I don\’t think anything can be as helpful to playwrights as theatre games, for theatre, to me, is meaningful improvisation, and not performable literature. Your site is like a self-teach college.

H. F. from Nelson Canada says:

…love the improv games…

T. A. from Oslo Norway

Thank you for the generous attitude in your list of improv-games! I love it when people share what they have…

G.W. from Melbourne Australia

Thanks for the list of improv games. was a great help…

R. D. from Nijmegen Netherlands

I am a improv player from Holland, and looking for more games…

J. G. from Amsterdam Netherlands

I saw you site, ver nice! Since I am both a Internet freak and a player of improvisational theatre I am very interested in the games listed on your site…

B. J. from Billings Montana

Thanks, Hugh! We love your site back here in Billings.