Random Warm Up

Give me another one.

  • Name Volley




    Set up into two groups on either side of a volley ball net.


    The players are going to play a non-competitive round of volley ball where they call out names from the players on the other side of the net. So when a player goes to serve the ball she must call the name of a player on the other side. That player will receive the ball. She can bump it to a player on her team by saying that name or return it over the net by saying the name of a player on the other team. All of this is mimed with lovely volley ball actions. If a player cannot think of a name, they call help and another player will call out their name. The player that needed help calls that name and directs the ball to them.

    The leader should encourage the players to make eye contact before they call the players name. Also, the mime should reflect the direction that the ball will go. This will keep the group from randomly calling names and failing to associate them with a player. This is a name learning warm up after all.

    The leader can add complications once the players have learned the names. The ball can be volleyed around by just eye contact. The ball can be assigned new qualities like heavy, light, hot, or pointy. The net can become higher, lower, opaque. The playing surface can be changed to a gym, a beach, deep snow or a pool.  These are helpful setting tools that explore both mime objects, and environment.


    • None.


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    If you could serve us something we would bump it up here.

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