Welcome to the latest incarnation of the oldest repository of improvisational comedy structures on the internet. One cannot learn improv comedy from a web page, however, the list of improv structures included here will definitely help.

Financial help appreciated. For the first time since 1994 Learn Improv dot Com is looking for some financial support. A purely optional contribution system has been added to the page. One time donations are now being accepted. You can help out for as little as 2 Canadian dollar. Thanks.


Learn Improv works with GOALS not rules.

Learn Improv believes in a safe and supportive environment.

Learn Improv teaches that every offer needs LACE

  • Listen
    • with your ears, eyes, heart, brain
  • Accept
    • accept the offer as real
  • Commit
    • to your first idea, it is great
  • Expand
    • add a tiny bit

Learn Improv uses the narrative framework of STEPS

  • Setting
    • environment and mime objects
  • Ties
    • characters and relationships
  • Establish, Explore
    • “something” from setting or ties
  • Propel
    • move the “something” along as a story
  • Sort
    • solution not necessary

Learn Improv creates characters using Three Parts.

  • move
    • gait, handedness, physicality
  • sound
    • voice, volume, pace, or accent
  • want
    • desires, triggers, emotions, or motivations

Have fun.