Welcome to the latest incarnation of the oldest repository of improvisational comedy structures on the internet. One cannot learn improv comedy from a web page, however, the list of improv structures included here will definitely help.

Learn Improv works with TOOLS not rules.

Learn Improv believes in a safe and supportive environment.

Learn Improv teaches that every offer needs LACE

  • Listen, Listen, Listen
    • with your ears, eyes, mind, and heart
  • Accept, Acknowledge
    • accept the offer as real
  • Commit, Choose
    • use your first choice, it is great
  • Extend, Evolve
    • add a small bit to the offer

Learn Improv uses the narrative framework of STEPS

  • Setting
    • Environment, object, or mood
  • Ties
    • characters, relationships
  • Explore
    • “something” from setting or ties
  • Propel, Pivot
    • move the “exploration” somewhere
  • Sort
    • solution not necessary

Learn Improv creates characters using the TRIANGLE.

  • move
    • gait, posture, speed, gestures, shape
  • sound
    • volume, speed, pitch, emotion, words
  • want
    • desires, triggers, goals, beliefs, triggers, needs

Have fun.