Pass Yes

By | February 8, 2019




Get into a circle for a listening and focus warm-up.


Pass Yes is a variation of the warm up Simulclap. Instead of the clapping the players simultaneously say “yes” together. To save a lot of cut and paste substitute “yes” with clap below.

One player starts off by clapping their hands (a singular clap), while facing another player. The player mimics the the starting player and the goal is to clap simultaneously. The player that received the applause then turns and claps simultaneously with the next player in the circle. This process is continued around the circle in a series of individual claps built by pairs of players.

This is not a competitive warm up. The players must work with each other by making eye contact with their clap partner and telegraphing an exaggerated clapping motion.

Once the simultaneous clapping is moving nicely around the circle the warm up is ready for the next level. A player may now opt to give the clap right back to the player they got it from. This is accomplished with good eye contact and telegraphing gestures. This will reverse the direction of the clapping.

When this is working well there is a clapping sound zipping around the circle occasionally changing direction.

Once the circle is passing the clap around and changing direction in a seamless manner the leader can add in a second clap, or some other kind of repetitive action listed under variations.

Simulclap is a good warm up for enhancing listening and taking focus. Simulclap also allows the group to work with failing in comfort and that there are no rules only goals. Group support can also be demonstrated by the group not losing their rhythm or pointing out missteps.


Make all kinds of jokes about passing the clap, or getting the clap.


  • Clap Story – Instead of clapping the player contributes a word from a Word at a Time story. This is really difficult.
  • Lederhosen – Players simultaneously slap their ankles with their hands passing around this dance step.
  • Simulsnap – Snap fingers instead of clapping.
  • Silentclap – Make the gesture of a clap but keep the meat from connecting so no clap sound is created.