Slow Motion Samurai

By | February 8, 2019

Deprecated. Samurai did not use poison and slow motion combat makes one vulnerable to enemies.


Poison Arms. Slow Motion Swordplay.


This warm-up will get us feeling silly, get the blood flowing, and help get us working together. Start milling about the room.


Once everyone is milling about comfortably the players now start to move in slow motion. Next all the players are endowed with poisonous blades built into their fore arms. The object of this warm up is to touch other players with the poison edge of their sword-arms. The challenge is that players must must must maintain slow motion.

If anyone is touched by the fore arm of another player they will suffer the effect of the poison, also in slow motion. Historically the poison has been lethal and the poisoned players slowly died an over dramatic death and come to rest on the floor. However the poison could have any affect the leader decides: sleeping poison, laughing poison, become a plumber poison. Regardless of the effect of the poison the player ends up motionless on the floor. The warm up ends when there is a large pile of bodies on the floor.

This warm up is not a competition. The urge to win Slow Motion Swordplay is hard to overcome. The warm up gets players accepting their fate and support the group by allowing others to poison them.




  • Divide the players into teams working to eliminate each other