Clap Snap Stamp

By | February 8, 2019




Get into pairs for a rhythm exercise.


Players face each other and start to count to three one number at a time. Eventually these numbers will be switched to some repetitive actions.

Counting one number at a time means that the first player counts one, and the second player counts two and the first player they counts three. This means that each player will count off each number. Once the entire group is in sync (not just the pairs) with 1-2-3. Then the challenge increases.

Instead of counting out loud the number one will be replaced by a clap. The room will then sound like clap-2-3. One settled a finger snap replaces the number two. The room will settle start to sound like clap-snap-3. Eventually a foot stamp is added and there are not more numbers just clap-snap-stamp.

This warm up is about honing individual and group listening skills. Since the Clap Snap Stamp devolves into chaos often it is a good teaching opportunity to make players comfortable with failing gracefully.




  • Eyes closed.
  • Keep adding actions beyond 3. Clap, Snap, Stamp, Sniff etc.


Contributions appreciated.