Open Your Hands

By | February 15, 2019


Pennies From Heaven.


Start milling about the room and get ready to catch things falling from the sky.


When the leader calls for it ever player in the room mimes catching something into their open hands. They then sound off what fell from the sky into their hands. Once a player has described what fell into their hands, they discard the mime object and continue to mill about.  This cycle of mill, catch, explain continues. The leader may start to endow the objects that fall from the sky. They can be heavy, smelly, sticky, cuddly, of soft.  The leader can add the complication that the object falling this time requires two players to catch it. The player must then agree on what the object is. They communicate by mime and try to avoid discussing what the mime object is.

This is not just a mime object warm up. There are lots of opportunities to discuss how a mime object affects the player, how it can be given weight or even emotion. This is also commitment warm up. The players are called on to literally create something from nothing. It is a teaching moment where players can be reassured that their choices are not wrong, and that they will be supported in them.


  • Have them catch esoteric objects like democracy or an abyss..


  • None.


Created by Keith Johnstone