By | February 16, 2019


Cross Circle. You.


Please form a circle facing inwards.


Yes is a variation of cross circle that does not involve name learning. A player starts by looking across the circle and making eye contact with another player and pointing at them. When the player notices (hopefully right away) they will say “yes.” When the player pointing is acknowledged by another player she may start to move across the circle towards that player. The player that just said “yes” must now find another player in the circle by making eye contact and pointing. It is important for the leader to encourage the players NOT to move until they have been given a “yes.” When working well this warm up has one person continuously crossing the circle and sounds like yes-yes-yes.

The next complication is to remove the pointing. Players only make the connection by eye contact. Once eye contact is made the player will say “yes” and only then can the player start moving across the circle. This is quite a bit more challenging than pointing to get someone’s attention. When working well this warm up has NO pointing, and there is one person continuously crossing the circle. The warm up sounds like yes-yes-yes.

The next complication is removing the verbal acknowledgement of making the connection. The player acknowledges by silently nodding instead of saying yes. Now we have a warm up where players are nodding and silently crossing the circle.

The next complication is to remove the head nodding and players are silently moving across the circle acknowledge each other with what ever method they choose.

By this point there will be mistakes and mess ups happening. Players will be occasionally pointing or saying yes. This is completely fine. This is the point of this warm up. It is complicated so that players learn to fail with grace and laughter. All failures will be supported by the group as well. In improv there are no rules or errors. It is up to the group to recover by being supportive and carrying on.

If the circle is still rocking this warm up more complications can be added. For example, overlay the warm up Digits, or Word At A Time to mess things up.


  • Start two or more players moving at once.


  • Cross Circle
  • Start with names and pointing


You know any?