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Everyone start milling about the room.


Association jump is a physical association warm up. It could also be used as an exercise.

The leader calls out “jump” to the players milling about the room. Every player will make a small jump and strike a random pose. This new pose struck by the player could inform the setting, or ties of a narrative. The leader ask a player to discuss their position from a stand point of the STEPS narrative and then the group starts milling about again.

Sometimes the group will need some direction. While the players are in the air the leader can add descriptors for the group to work with. The descriptors could be generic like: heavy, small, big, sideways, light, etc. The descriptor could also call out narrative like: an environment, a relationship, an emotion or a mime object.


If the leader or the players find a particular pose compelling a scene may be started around that pose.



  • Association Jump


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