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Everyone start milling about the room. The warm up will get us working together and finding new ways to move.


Association jump is a physical association warm up. It could also be used as an exercise.

The leader calls out the name of one of the players milling about the room. That player will make a small jump and strike a random pose. The remaining players in the room rush to that player and strike poses around her. The players will create a still scene, not unlike a tableau.

Like it’s variation Jump. The leader can call out endowments for the jumping player. Descriptions like: heavy, small, big, sideways, light, etc. The player the descriptor to inform their position however they like. The remaining players that come to her side are only informed by her pose, not the endowment from the leader.

The players hold the tableau for a few beats and then return to milling. The collection shape created by the group need not be still. For example they could quickly create a machine or an alien.

The leader can add esoteric endowments that make no sense, like economic or philanthropic.


  • Jump


Picked this up from Improv Encyclopedia