By | February 21, 2019


Hitch Hiker.


Please set up a car with four chairs and a mime steering wheel.


Car can be used as a tool to accentuate the reality of any scene that involves a car. This structure focuses on the setting exercise Car.

This is a detailed setting exercise that helps players work on mime objects, mime environment and ensemble work.

The vast majority of the world places their steering wheels on the right side of front seat of the vehicle.

Begin with the players outside of the car and start the exercise going over the details of getting into the mime car. Ensure that the players are respecting the shape of the car. The leader should watch for players that walk through the bonnet or the boot of the car. If a player has given dimension to the bonnet, the boot or the height of the car other players must be listening to these offers and do their best to respect them. Doors must open the same direction. Door handles at same height. Seat belts? Of course.

Further mime environment work can come from a car radio, turn signal, stick shift or height and diameter of the steering wheel. This is not a less is more exercise. This is a more is good practise exercise. The goal is to make the car seem real to the audience.

Once the car is driving the players can start to work on group mime activity. This is good for ensemble work and makes a car scene just a bit more magical. Initially the leader will call out actions for the driver to take: slow turn left, hard right, up a steep hill, quick stop, acceleration, and the ultimate “bump.”

Once the players get the hang of moving in unison the driver can become the leader of the group mime. This is a definitely a complication. The passenger players must now all listen with their mime to the driver for turns, stops and bumps.

While this is not a performance handle in itself. Good vehicle mime hygiene can heighten the realism and magic of a scene.


  • Motor vehicle collision.
  • Hanging out the window.
  • Extreme stunt driving.


  • Bus – Do the same with a bunch of players on a bus.
  • Train – See the pattern here?
  • Plain – You can mime getting rained on.


Contributions appreciated.