Hitch Hiker

By | February 21, 2019




Can we have a few chairs set up like a car.


Hitch Hiker can be a character exercise, an environment exercise, or even a handle. The exercise usually involves two players, one driver and one passenger in a mime car. Both players have distinct characters that include: movement, sound and want. They will engage in conversation until they notice a hitch hiker and pull over to pick the character up. The player’s that were in the car already slowly transform their characters to match the character of the hitch hiker.

Once the character transformation is completed and all three players are working the same character the driver pulls over. Gets out of the car and leaves the scene (staying in character until off stage). The players shift over, remaining in character and watch for a new hitch hiker.

As a character exercise Hitch Hiker offers an opportunity for players to explore new characters through imitation. Players should listen to the characters that are already in the car. The leader can encourage players to create complementary characters. A complementary character is one that informed by the character already present. For example, if an existing characters appears extroverted and loud a complementary character could be quiet and shy. Could the complementary character also be boisterous and loud? Of course.

As an environment exercise the players can practise listening to the environment of the car. How does the door open? Where are the window controls? Height and diameter of the steering wheel. Location of brake and accelerator. There is a host of opportunities to explore and practise environment using this exercise.


  • Reckless driving and car crashes.
  • Wild and expansive characters.


  • Elevator – characters come and go on and elevator.
  • Car – exercise where players make a car feel real.


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