By | February 21, 2019




Everyone will be assigned an animal. Then start milling about the room in a neutral state.


The leader will secretly assign animal types to each of the players in the room. There will always be pairs of animals. The trick is to assign the animals without players knowing which animal the other players are. Secret squirrel indeed.

The leader then tasks the players with various activities that each player must act out en mass. The goal is that the players will be able to pair up with their animal partner before going on the ark. Example activities:

  1. Eating.
  2. Drinking.
  3. Courtship
  4. Grooming
  5. Fighting
  6. Sleeping

All of the players act out the activity endowed by the leader at the same time. A mouse may nibble while eating. A giraffe may reach high up with their neck. At the end of the exercise the players pair up with the player who they think is there match for the ark.

Besides being a hilarious little exercise players can practise different movement types for new characters and practise listening to character try and find their ark mate.


  • make four or odd numbers of a particular animal.


  • None.


Contributions appreciated.