By | March 2, 2019




Please mill about the room.


Become is Yes Let’s with deeper and deeper expansion. The leader will call out for the players to undertake some mime character. An inanimate object is recommended. For example, everyone become a tree. Once each player has assumed their mimed tree the leader will expand on the details of the noun. It is important for the leader to expand the description in a stepwise fashion that allows the player to respond in a stepwise fashion. Once there have been enough endowments the players are asked to shake off the character and return to milling about.

  • You are a tall tree.
  • You have stubby branches
  • You are a pink tree.
  • Your roots are gnarly.
  • You have termites.

The leader can call the whole exercise or allow the players to do so. The leader should encourage the players to expand the mime object and not explode it. For example, you are a tree followed by you are a flying tree or a tree on fire. The exercise is a natural mime exercise, but can also offer teaching moments that demonstrate the difference be advance, expand and explode.


  • None.


  • Yes Let’s