By | March 2, 2019


Artist Model Clay. Homunculus.


Please organize into groups of three.


The players organize themselves into a model, a lump of clay and an artist. The lump of clay faces the artist and the model strikes a pose behind the clay such that only the artist can see the model. The artist them must manipulate the clay to match the model. The artist must model the clay using just her hands miming pushing and pulling actions. The artist cannot touch or talk to the clay. Having the artist copy the shape of the model would defeat the purpose of this exercise. Have each player try each role of artist, clay and model.

Complications to this exercise include a time limit or having the one artist model a scene using multiple clay players.

This is a listening to mime exercise. The clay needs to listen and accept the atypical offers of made by the artist. The challenge for the artist to listen to the model’s pose and communicate it without words of mimicry.


  • Ignore the model and endow the clay with challenging positions.


  • Puppets.