Big Blob

By | March 2, 2019


Honey Walk.


Please clump together on the right side of the stage.


Big Blob is both an exercise and a warm up. This is the warm up version of this structure. The leader asks each player to walk across the stage to the other side. However, in their path is a giant blob of goo. The leader should describe a big blob of goo blocking the path of the player’s walk across the stage. The blob will have density, viscosity, visibility endowments that will impact how the players move through the blob.

The first player will enter the blob and change their gait to reflect the nature of the materiel. The player could lean into the goo, they may move in slow motion, they may need to push through with their arms. The next player moves across the stage through the same blob. The following players will endeavour to make it appear that they are moving through the exam same blob. The leader should encourage the players to make it appear that they are pushing their way through the same blob.

A complication for this warm up is to have more than one player walk toward the blob at the same time. They start with a normal gait and the two players must work together to create the same blob. If one player is moving slowly the other player must as well. If one player has the blob pushing them down the other player will follow because they are both in the same blob.

A complication for more experienced players is to endow the blob with emotions or more complex elements like taste and smell.


  • None


  • Honey Walk – very focused version of big blob using oxygen masks and honey.