By | February 16, 2019


Overboard. Silly Pirates.


Please create a scraggly line facing in different directions.


This warm up is physical. Make sure that players feel safe and comfortable participating within their ability. Encourage players to use chairs, or other players as necessary.

The leader will explain the following commands and actions to the players. Once all the actions have been explained the players may call them out in the language of the pirate. The players fulfill the command and return to the only to wait for another.

  1. AHOY! – stand on one leg and salute. Players call out “aye aye.”
  2. HIT THE DECK! – get to the ground and scrub the deck. Players make scrubbing sounds
  3. OCTOPUS! – two players combine to create a wiggly 8 limbed octopus. The octopus can go “blub blub blub.”
  4. RAISE THE SAIL! – three players combine to pull on sail rigging. The team calls out “heave ho heave ho.”
  5. LAND AHOY! – four players get together and mime a boat rowing to shore. While rowing together they call out “thar be gold”

This warm up is aimed at getting players to share a setting through by combining mime objects, actions and chants. Teaching points here are reminding players to fail with grace and laughter.

There is no limit to the number of commands that can be thrown at the pirates. It is also fun to make one up once in a while to see how the group compensates. It is great opportunity for showing support, listening and honing ensemble skills.

  • WALK THE PLANK! – all the players hop around as if their hands and ankles are bound.
  • BURY THE TREASURE! – all the players start to dig.
  • HOIST THAT CHEST! – 4 or more players lift a chest extolled “urgh and ugh.”


  • None.


  • Bunny Bunny warm ups are similar


Any help would be gold matey.