What Happens Next?

By | March 15, 2019


Meanwhile. And Then.


In this scene the performers will turn to the audience to tell the story.


Meanwhile is both an exercise and a handle. Discussed here is the performance version of this structure.

The performers will start an open scene and the host will freeze the narrative and literally asks the audience “what happens next.” The performers will make the audience offer happen and continue until they are frozen and called on again. Audiences are particularly good at advancing and expanding by little bits. If the host feels that an audience member is trying to subvert or take over the scene it is up to host to redirect the offer to something more along the narrative, or simply safer. What Happens Next is a “know you dang audience” handle.


  • Freeze and get every step from the audience.


  • And Then – The host simply says “and then” instead of “what happens next”
  • Meanwhile – Takes the scene to a whole new environment .


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