By | March 15, 2019




Please form a circle interlocking arms.


Advise players that this warm up can involve close personal contact without warning or consent. Any player that feels uncomfortable with this kind of physical contact can excuse themselves without any needed explanation.

The circle is now a single entity, an Amoeba. The leader gets the group of players to carefully move about the room like a single celled creature. Amoebas do not move fast, so this one should not either. The leader should encourage the blob to move from one end of the room to the other. The amoeba cannot break apart and must bend itself around objects. Have the amoeba squish against a wall or change into shapes like a square, or triangle. Ask the amoeba to through a door and out into a hall. Give the amoeba an emotional overlay like sadness or joy. These are not complications of the warm up, but just challenges to explore the shape.

Complications of this warm up can be added once the group gets better at navigating in its monocellular form. First complication is to have the amoeba negotiate the room in silence. The players can only communicate with eye contact and facial expressions. Next the amoeba must negotiate the room with the players having their eyes closed. The amoeba should be moving slow enough that the leader is enough of a spotter.


  • Reproduce into two amoebae.


  • Have two amoebae fuse into one


Information appreciated.