By | March 11, 2019


Garbage Can.


Please organize into a circle.


Trifecta is a fun and fast paced exercise for building environment, narrative or characters. One player jumps into the circle and exclaims and mimes themselves as some part of a narrative. They are quickly followed by two more players who complete the trifecta.

The leader can use whichever narrative tool they are familiar with: A-B-C, 1-2-3-4, W5. Learn Improv uses STEPS (Setting. Ties. Exploration. Propel. Sort.).

The most common starter is setting or environment “I am a bathroom” and the player mimes their favourite bathroom prop. The second player in adds in any element from STEPS but it must be connected to the first offer “I am plumber.” In this case the player chose to add ties or a character. They would immediately set out to mime typical plumber actions. The third player in (hence trifecta) will add a third element from STEPS. However they cannot repeat a previous element. For example, “I am a worm a fast flowing leak” and do their best mime of a torrent of water. Once three elements are in the circle the all the players leave and the process starts again.

The leader should encourage the players to keep the pace up. Each trifecta should only take about 10 seconds. All the players should be able to get involved multiple times.

Trifecta Narrative works best when small additions are made to the preceding offers. It is a good opportunity to practise looking in the rear view mirror to get the next idea. Trifecta also helps player learn that a story does not need every element of the narrative tool. The trifecta are scene starters.

For more experienced players the leader could choose to start an open scene right from the trifecta.


  • Pentafecta with 5 players hitting all narrative elements.


  • Trifecta Ties – The players complete the three main elements of a character.
  • Trifecta Setting – Classic trifecta where players add setting elements.
  • Trifecta Propel – Players take an exploration and keep propelling it along. They can make it worser or nicer or better or badder.


Contributions appreciated.