By | March 11, 2019


Garbage Can. Character Trifecta.


Please organize into a circle.


Trifecta is a fun and fast paced exercise for building environment, narrative or characters. One player jumps into the circle and creates the move of a character. They are quickly followed by two more players who complete the trinity of the character..

Character Trifecta is more structured than the other two trifectas of the trifecta of trifectas. The first player in the circle starts to silently mill about creating a distinct movement of character. For example she may wave her hand across her face and have a slight bounce to her gait. This would be the character’s move.

The second player in the circle moves in lock step with the first player until they have mimicked the move of the character. Once there are two players moving the same the second player contributes a vocalisation or noise to the character. This could be a “whoop whoop.” Encourage the players to not speak a sentence but create some kind of gibberish like utterance that complements the movement. The first player will adopt the vocalisation and now two players will be moving and vocalising in unison with the circle..

The third player (hence trifecta) joins in and copies the other two players movement and noise. Once all three are in synchronisation the third player reveals the want of the character. For example, they could add “I am gonna be a star!” The preceding players add the want into their character trinity now all three players will have the same gait, sound and want. Once established all three players leave the circle.

The leader should encourage the players to keep the pace up. Each trifecta should only take about 10 seconds. All the players should be able to get involved multiple times.

Trifecta or Trinity?

For more experienced players the leader could call on players to bring back various characters seen in the Character Trifecta circle exercise. This is a good tool for getting players to expand their character repertoire.


  • None.


  • Trifecta Narrative – The players hit three elements from the narrative tool STEPS.
  • Trifecta Setting – Classic trifecta where players add setting elements.


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