By | March 11, 2019


Garbage Can.


Please organize into a circle.


Trifecta is a fun and fast paced exercise for building environment, narrative or characters. One player jumps into the circle and exclaims and mimes themselves as some kind of noun. They are quickly followed by two more players who complete the trifecta.

The most famous starter is “I am a tree” and the player mimes their best elementary school production tree. The second player in adds something connected to the first offer “I am an apple.” The player can mimes an apple. The third player in (hence trifecta) will add a third element “I am a worm in the apple” and do their best mime of a worm. Once all three elements are in the circle the first player chooses one of the other two elements to remain. The process starts again.

The leader should encourage the players to keep the pace up. Each trifecta should only take about 10 seconds. All the players should be able to get involved multiple times.

Trifecta works best when small additions are made to the preceding offers.


  • Pentafecta with 5 players in the center.


  • Trifecta Character – The players complete the three main elements of a character. ‘
  • Trifecta Narrative – Players do not add mime objects but elements from any narrative tool. Learn Improv uses STEPS.


Contributions appreciated.