By | August 2, 2010




Let’s all get limbered up by doing some simple stretching exercises.


The leader should know a bit about stretching and be able to ensure that any stretch done is a safe one. The leader must also make it clear that a player should only participate in stretches that are safe for them. The leader must ensure that players feel safe to not participate. No player needs to explain why they choose not to participate in a stretch (or anything else for that matter).

The warm up seems to work best in a circle, but that is not necessary. Usually the leader starts with a stretch and group follows. Each player contributes a simple stretch that all the other players follow. This warm up works best if different body parts are gently stretched. For example, eight different finger stretches may not be best.

Each stretch lasts about a minute. This is a great time for players to offer some insight to their take on improv comedy. Learn Improv often will ask a player to chat about an improv goal (Listening, Commitment, etc) as they lead the stretch. Another topic is “something good that happened this week.” Stretching in silence is fine.


Nose stretches, hair stretches, scrotal stretches.




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