What Are You Doing?

By | August 2, 2010

Deprecated due to problems caused in improv. This warm up leads to a preponderance of narrative damaging questions.


Let’s wreck improv.


This warm-up breaks one of the major improvisational rules, however it allows us to start getting in the moment. Everyone into a circle.


Once the circle is formed one player goes into the circle and starts to mime a simple activity. Once the activity has been established one of the players from the circle jumps in and asks “what are you doing?” The player doing the mime responds with some activity other than the one they are doing. If they are mowing the lawn they might say ‘filleting a soul.’ The player that asked the question starts the activity that was answered (i.e., filleting a soul) and waits to be asked what she is doing. This continues until all have tried the exercise.




This has been replaced with ‘Let me help with that”