Song Circle

By | August 2, 2010


Hot Spot.


This warm-up is good for the lungs and gets us taking personal risks. Everyone gather in a circle.


A very general theme is chosen, like transportation or love. Once the theme is chosen players jump into the centre of the circle and start to sing any song related to the theme. Once the player gets stuck on the song, another player must show support and jump into the circle to help with a new song. The previous person in the centre steps out. This continues until songs start to get repeated, or things collapse utterly. The point of the warm-up is not to embarrass people in the centre, but to support the player in the centre. This is done by quickly jumping into the circle once they start to have any trouble at all.


If a player is rocking it everyone joins.


Gibberish – allow players to sing in gibberish.


Camp Puddlestone for the Emotionally Destitute