By | August 2, 2010


Oscar Moments.


During this scene the performers can break out into a soliloquy. Often when you least expect it. 


The handle Soliloquy is an overlay of an open scene. Performers in this handle will suddenly start to monologue and appear to be speaking to themselves. This makes sense because soliloquy is Latin for “speak to one’s self.” The soliloquy should assist the narrative arc and reveal information about the character or the story. The soliloquies should improve the narrative arc and depth of the story, not distract from it.

If a spotlight can be thrown onto the performer that is ideal. The other performers typically will freeze and throw focus to the performer doing the soliloquy.


  • Endless soliloquy that ends the scene.


  • Oscar Moment – variation on Soliloquy where the performer unleashes a campy display of angst filled acting.


  • None