Slide Show

By | August 2, 2010


Instagram. Slides. Frames. Pictures.


In this scene performers will be posing as a series of images. These images may tell a story.


Slide Show is a handle that uses a series of group poses to tell a story. Several performers are on stage and strike a scene. Another performer becomes the presenter, describing what is on stage to the audience. Ideally a narrative arc is achieved through a series of slides.

The performers creating the image should consider characters and consistent elements and not just try to “stump” the story teller. There should be a lead character and some performers will be contributing environment only. The slide show presenter usually looks away as the performers create a new slide. There may even be a lighting cue between slides if this is available. Every performer need not be in every slide. There is a give and take between the presenter and the slides. The handle is more rewarding if a narrative arc is achieved.

The content and presentation device of the slide show is determined by the host. The story need not be about a vacation, and the slides need not be old timey transparent media. A power point presentation of surveillance footage may be apropos for the show.

A slide is a very small transparent copy of an old timey photograph. Slides are placed in a device that shines an incandescent light through the transparency projecting the image onto a wall or screen. A slide show was a phenomenon in the last millennium. Humans were herded into a darkened room and subjected to watching someone’s slides. A slide show was like someone
locking a group of people in a room and forcing them to watch a shitty Instagram feed projected on a wall. The victims cannot skip, control or comment on the images. Anyone that still uses slides will invariably be an asshole.


  • Very strange positions in the slide show. The performers challenge the story teller with zany positions.
  • Performers can hide and leave a blank stage.
  • The host can state slide is in the wrong way forcing the performers to all change their position. For example, backwards or upside down.
  • The host can make the image a moving gif.


  • Content Focus – vacation photos, party photos, surveillance photos, product launch, etc.
  • Instagram – performer swipes through images and adds comments that leads to a narrative.


  • None.