Show Me That

By | August 2, 2010


Show me.


Get an ask for that will allow the beginning of an open scene.


The long form Show Me That dances through the past, present and future of a story initiated by a single scene. Each new open scene is triggered by the improvisers on stage as they reference an event outside of the scene that they are in. For example, if one of the players says, “you remember what happened the last time you bought the milk” would trigger the call out “show me that” and the players would jump back in time and show what happened the last time the milk was bought. Once that scene has been sorted the improvisers will jump back to the original scene with the new knowledge gleaned from the “show me that” scene. The same can be done with references to future events or something that is happening elsewhere. It is integral that the improvisers make an out of scene reference when they sense their scene has plateaued or they are looking for newer material.