Musical Show

By | August 2, 2010




What is something that you would like to see a musical about?


The long form musical show is very similar to the handle Musical. The difference is that there is more dialogue between their should be variation in the types of songs and singing that takes place. A musical show will typically have a song from each character, songs describing the plights of the protagonist and antagonist. The accompanist is treated as another improviser. The players and the accompanist must have some mechanism of communicating when a song is going to start. Players can signal an impending song by taking a step forward, changing the cadence dialogue, or simply saying that they are going to sing a song. For the accompanist she must be able to differentiate for the players whether she is doing background music or she is starting a song. It is crucial that the accompanist be a skilled improviser in every fashion that improv has to offer. The songs must be discrete within the dialogue. A musical show must end with a chorus line, choir and fireworks.

None. Challenging enough.


  • Sounds like a song
  • Genre musical
  • Gibberish Opera