Time Line

By | August 2, 2010


Time Travel


We will first present a simple neutral scene that is based on a suggestion from the audience. Then we will see a series of scenes that led up to or were consequences of the initial scene.


The initial scene must establish strong characters. Once enough information has been gleaned from the initial scene (it need not be sorted out) time lines can be suggested from fellow improvisers, a director or even the audience. Each new time call signals a new scene. For example, a scene with a couple in a store purchasing some almond milk could lead to the following scenes:

  • 15 minutes earlier – couple talking in the car about dairy products
  • 15 years earlier – one of the characters having a milk shake
  • 50 years later – one of the characters has a broken hip.

Each call out is a signal for a new scene. Ideally a detailed story will be told as the improvisers incorporate the new information from the preceding scenes

Be prepared for time line call outs that exceed the characters existence. Like 100 years in the past or 4 million years in the future. Most audience’s cannot resist this time line call out.