Scene In Verse

By | August 2, 2010


Rhyming Scene. Dr Suess.


In this scene the performers must speak in verse.


This handle is an overlay on an open scene. Instead of speaking in comfortable prose the performers must speak in verse. Prose is our natural manner of speaking or writing. Verse is poetic. Verse pays attention to rhythm, syllables, and beats of each sentence. It is most famous for the use of rhyming. Performers can achieve verse without rhyming, although most audiences will expect to hear some rhymes be dropped.

Often a scene in verse takes on a melodramatic tone to tell the story. This need not be the case at all. The Scene in Verse requires a narrative arc and characters like any other scene. In its simplest form the performers can complete their own stanzas. More experienced performers will be able to share stanzas (a group of lines) and even couplets (a pair of lines).


  • Non-rhyming words


  • None


  • None