Radio Play

By | August 2, 2010


Darkness Scene. Mini Bat.


This scene will be done in the style of a radio drama.


This handle is an overlay of an open scene where the audience is cast into an audio only experience in the style of old timey radio shows. There are several differences from a typical scene. Action must be described either by word or by sound effect. Performers need to convey emotion by word or by intonation. Talking over is dangerous as the usual cues performers give each other to avoid it are blacked out. Performers that depend on physicality and facial expression will find this handle challenging.

Safety is a consideration in any blacked out scene work. Some hosts may get the performers seated to keep someone from pacing into danger. Most stage managers will opt for a low level blue wash rather than a black out. This protects performers and audience alike.


  • Stereo effect passing sound effects across the stage.


  • Lights On – There is not real reason to do this in the dark.
  • Online Audio Cast – Hit podcast beats instead of old radio beats.
  • Bat – Long form dark improv set.


  • None