Scene Three Ways

By | August 2, 2010


Once More With Feeling. Play it Again Sam. Rashomon.


We will see the following scene repeated three times influenced by a different element each time.


Scene Three Ways is a venerable handle that is used to replay an open scene endowed with different interpretations. The first scene the reference scene. It is recommended that the neutral scene be a bit curt, have simple dialogue, have some obligatory action. The reference scene need not be funny and “vanilla” is a common phrase attributed to the reference scene in a Scene Three Ways. The reference scene is then played out two more times. However the reference scene is endowed with strong overlays that influence the nature of the reference scene, and possibly it’s outcome.

Historically a Scene Three Ways is set up by getting genres of film to influence the reference scene. For example the neutral reference scene will be repeared as though it was a science fiction scene. For example, one of the characters may become a robot. Instead of entering through a door the characters may teleport onto stage. The fridge may become a food replicator.

There is no reason for Scene Three Ways to only be endowed with genres. The reference scene can be endowed with emotions, types of cars, textiles, occupations, etc.

The host should also consider the order that the endowments are used. It is recommended to have the endowment with the larger payoff to come last.


  • Zany endowments – textiles, hi/lo gravity, legs together, arms over head etc.


  • Scene Many Ways – do more than three repeats of the reference scene.


  • None