Satellite Radio

By | February 14, 2019




Please get into pairs for a listening warm up.


The players work together form a rhythm saying earth-orbit-earth-orbit. Once the rhythm is nicely established player orbit starts to talk. They will speak slowly adding a new word each beat, instead of saying orbit. Player earth will then repeat the word that player had just said. The theory is that a listener will hear two simultaneous stories that are the same but slightly delayed. Voice delay is a phenomena of satellite communications.

The warm up is difficult for both players. Player orbit must not be distracted by player earth’s words and will struggle to keep a sensical story. Player earth must listen while speaking. Once they decay into a jumbled mess of words (usually due to a solar flare) the players swap roles.


  • Player orbit talks fast
  • Combine with satellite tv.


  • Satellite TV – the same warm up except player orbit is offering a series of movements that are copied with appropriate delay.


Any help would be out of this world.