Body Hide

By | February 14, 2019


Camouflage. Eye Spy.


We need two players standing far apart and all remaining players between them.


One player is assigned the role of hiding.  The other player is assigned the role of spotter. The rest of the players are the bushes. The bushes must stay near the hider and position themselves in such a way to block the spotter’s view. The spotter and the hider cannot move in relation to each other. They can contort themselves but cannot get closer or further apart. Only the bushes can move.

It is not fair play to have the bushes run up and cover the spotter’s eyes. The bushes must remain near the hider.

If the spotter should be able to see the hider through the bushes that hider is caught, a player from the bush becomes the hider and the hider joins the spotter. If the spotter declares that she cannot see anything one of the bushes is removed. The bush may join the spotter or become background bushes behind the hider. This continues until the group runs out of bushes. If one the player that has joined the spotter can see the hider, they can usurp the spotter.

This warm up works best when it is not a competition. The goal is having the bushes work together to create a visual barrier. The warm up should naturally be fluid, with different spotters and hiders. The leader can shake things up if necessary.


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