Receiver Right Clap

By | January 30, 2019


Fart Circle.


This warm up is to get players listening, responding and reacting without thinking. Everyone gets into a large circle.


One player in the circle chooses a random player across from them in the circle. They signal the selected player by making eye contact, lunging into the circle and gesturing towards them with an accompanying “whoosh” sound. It should be very obvious who is has been given the whoosh. The selected player accepts the whoosh by making a sucking sound accompanied by a catching gesture. The player to the immediate right of the player that just made the catch and the sucking sound sends out a new whoosh, and so on. This continues whooshes and slurps are dancing across the circle.

Ideally there will be continuous whooshing and slurping. Once the players get the hang of it the leader can raise the challenge by switching to the immediate left side of the catching player or some arbitrary number of players away.

This warm up is essentially a variation of clap focus, but it required a unique explanation that a new warm up was added. Note I did not create yet another warm up called Receiver Left Clap. Learn Improv keeping it classy.

This warm up helps players develop taking focus, and the immediate rewards of making eye contact to connect with other players. On a rudimentary level this is a listening exercise as well.

  • Make rude noises instead whooshing. For example I have heard this done with adult movie noises.


  • Snap Focus – Same warm up but snapping fingers instead of clapping.
  • Fart Circle – make sophomoric simulated gastronomic explosive noises across the circle


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