By | January 31, 2019

Learn Improv is an old web site. It contains all kinds of things that were appropriate in the last millennium. Some structures are dangerous. Some structures are racist. Some structures are insensitive. I have decided to purge these anachronisms from the random and list streams of Learn Improv.

However they are not going to disappear. Learn Improv will have a section of Deprecated structures for historical purposes. This is fraught with political risk. There seems to be such hyperbole on the intertubes these daze.

Here are some samples of (to be) deprecated structures:

  • Blind Stalker – Changed to vampire. Stockings are funny. Stalking is not. Window blind is an offer. Visual impairment is not funny.
  • Laundry Bag of Death – I don’t think anyone has actually died from this structure. Plastic plus airway can equal death so easily.
  • Massage – Go to an RMT. Sexual exploitation at improv comedy centers is a real and present problem. Remove this risk factor.
  • Pimping – In a world where children are actively being pimped for sex we nee a new word for this.

Does this mean these topics are off limits? Absolutely not. There will be improv comedy scenes about stalking, disability, racism. Players will be touching each other on stage. There is just no place for these antiquities on Learn Improv. To improvise and create one needs to feel safe and supported.