Conducted Story-Channels

By | August 2, 2010


Radio Channels. Stations. Call Signs.


Performers will line up and tell a story. Each peformer will narrate as if they were a radio station.


Radio channels is a conducted story where each performer is endowed with a style of radio station. The performers work together to create a narrative arc as the host moves from performer to performer. In this version of the conducted story each performer will flavour their voice as if they were a radio station.

For example in a story about a rabbit and a turtle a performer endowed as a news station would report the story in a plain dealing monotone. A sports channel would extol the virtues and excitement of the competition. A country and western station would have it’s twang overlaying the ongoing narrative arc.

The nomenclature of this structure is trapped in it’s formative years. In the past radio was a diverse and heavily utilized source of information.


  • None.


  • Television stations.
  • Web sites.
  • Other endowments – emotions, genres, texttiles.


  • None