Pass Catch

By | August 2, 2010


Sound Circle. Accepting Circle.


This warm up will help us get the body warmed up and get more comfortable about being silly. Please organize in to a circle.


Ensure that the players have enough space to move their arms freely without clocking their neighbour in the head.

A player will throw strike an unconventional pose and create a corresponding sound to go along with the pose. The pose and noise are given as an offer to the player on her right. That player accepts the offer by reflecting the pose and noise as closely as possible. After recreating that pose and noise the player immediately offers an entirely new pose and noise to the player on her right.

When working well this warm up will sound like pairs of matching noises and crazy poses racing around the circle. The player should receive, reflect, turn and create a new pose without pause. It is important that the players not stop to think in between the poses.

Pass Catch is a warm up in silliness. The warm up should help the players accept being silly in front of others. Pass Catch also forces a player into a physical position and to make a noise they would never consider otherwise. This warm up can be used to help players create the move and sound parts of their characters.




Pass the Peep – The players in the circle try to pass the same pose and noise around the circle