By | August 2, 2010




Everyone into a circle for a silly warm-up to get the blood flowing.


Players randomly and unexpectedly jump up in to the air. At some time in the air they clap their hands. Since other players are also randomly jumping and clapping simultaneously the name popcorn seems appropriate. If two players clap their hands at the same time they are out of the circle. This warm up is not competitive and players return to the circle after a few claps.

Yelling the word pop instead of clapping is a very common variation.

The warm up Popcorn gets people moving and helps practise listening for offers other than words (in this case clapping).




  • Pop Uranus – Player kernels that are out of the circle create a new a new outer circle, like a planetary ring. Once the inner circle has evaporated players then move outwards to create another ring. If there are lots of players then multiple rings can be made.
  • Clap Out – No jumping. Just clapping or yelling pop!


Orville R.