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By | April 26, 2019




The performers will create a scene based on your suggestion.


An open scene is the basis of all improv comedy. In short the open scene is improv comedy. The hundreds of structures covered in Learn Improv are there to support the open scene. All performers should be training and assessing their skill set at the open scene. All bow to the open scene.

The Open Scene has two structures. There is the exercise Open Scene and the handle Open Scene. This structure is the handle Open Scene. This is basically “how to do improv comedy.” For a detailed reductionist approach to the Open Scene refer to the exercise Open Scene.

There are an infinite number of ways to do an open scene. If the concept of an open scene is somehow alien you should not be doing an improv comedy show. Please start again.


  • Handles – using an improv structure to overlay an open scene.
  • Black Out – killing a scene at the first gag or joke
  • Gagging – saying funny things instead of saying things funny
  • Deus Ex Endings – Machina, Medicina, Massacarina, etc


  • Scene From Nothing – Performers get on stage and start a scene without an offer.
  • Cold Start – Performers get on stage and start a scene without an offer
  • Short Form – one audience offer to one scene.
  • Long Form – one audience offer to many scenes.


  • Learn Improv credits all of improv theatre in all of history.

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