By | April 26, 2019


Moving Day. Control Freak.


The peformers in this scene are unable to move theirĀ  bodies. Thankfully there is a puppeteer to move them.


The host must take care when setting up a puppets scene. The performers in the scene must be comfortable being touched by strangers. The puppeteer must be sober. In addition to these caveats the host should have a prepared safety speech. The speech should be clear about moving the performers safely and not groping them. Let the puppeteers know that they should not touch performers in the bathing suit area. The puppeteers should not force any body part to move. The puppeteers should not pull on clothing. Otherwise have fun.

Puppeteer is identical to Puppets except that one puppeteer must move all the puppets on stage. The puppeteer can be an audience member or a performer.

The puppet performers speak, and supply dialogue for the scene. Audience volunteers are responsible for moving all aspects of the performer. It is important that the peformers get themselves engaged in physical activity. The performers must still create a scene with narrative. It is easy to get lost in the gimmick of being moved and forget that a story need be told.


  • Not cooperating with the puppeteer. Intentional over moving or undermoving the body part.
  • Setting puppets up to do zany activities.


  • Puppets – One puppeteer is matched with one puppet.


  • None